November 1991 - current

I'm a Mobile Engineer at Pocket Gems in San Francisco, where I'm currently working on an upcoming release. Over the last six years, I've worked on several mobile titles, including Tap Pet Hotel, Epic Empire, Campus Life, the start-to-release development of Runway Life, and War Dragons.

Tap Pet Hotel Epic Empire Campus Life Runway Life War Dragons
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Tap Pet Hotel: #4 top grossing iOS app of 2011
Epic Empire: A Hero's Quest
Campus Life: the ultimate sorority simulator
Runway Life: the ultimate modeling agency simulator
War Dragons: a fully-3D game for core audiences
Founded in 2009, Pocket Gems is a pioneer in free-to-play mobile gaming. Investments include $5 million from Sequoia Capital in 2010 (VentureBeat), $60 million from Tencent in 2015 (WSJ, TechCrunch), and another $90 million from Tencent in 2017 (WSJ, TechCrunch).

My favorite language is C++11 — although C# is quickly becoming a close second. I am intimately familiar with the game mechanics of: Super Mario 64 (1996), Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction (2001), Super Smash Bros. Melee (2001), and Pokémon XY (2013). My fastest Cave Story (2004) Sacred Grounds speedrun was 3'39"3.

Aside from game development, I'm a piano player, calisthenics doer, and breakfast fry-up specialist; I also do illustration and design work in my spare time.


Recruiting? Here's my latest résumé:

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Also available as HTML, although I'm not sure why you'd want such a thing.


I studied computer science at UT Austin, completing the Turing Scholars honors program in 2012. In the absence of a game development track (which was rolled out in 2013), I took CS 378: Game Technology, the first game-development class offered at the school, as well as CS 379H: Honors Thesis, where I wrote a thesis on the physical simulation of vegetation. In the process, I also developed a toy physics engine (check it out on GitHub!).

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