Bruno Li • +1 954 253 8097 •

Pocket Gems
Engineer III
June 2012 - Present
San Francisco, CA

Developed and onboarded new team members to core game architecture. Worked closely with product, art, and QA on both production and live games; seamlessly assumed and improved team engineering conventions. Mentored three (3) interns to full-time offers.

  • Frontier (unreleased project) - Developed client-server architecture and state replication scheme for real-time multiplayer game in Unity
  • War Dragons - Delivered features and bugfixes for 3d build-and-battle experience on iOS and Android
  • Casual (studio) - Maintained live-ops monthly agile release cycle; designed "guild" API with server team
University of Texas at Austin
Proctor: Algorithms and Data Structures
September 2011 - December 2011
Austin, TX
  • Tutored students in data structures and OOP concepts
  • Improved rendering functionality of annual student programming contest application "Critterfest"
University of Texas at Austin
Bachelor of Computer Science
August 2009 - May 2012
Austin, TX

Turing Scholars Honors Program. Emphasis in game technology and physical simulation.

  • GPA: 3.5/4.0
"Physically-based Modeling of Interactive Plants"
Honors Thesis
August 2011 - May 2012

  • Independent research work combining L-system tree generation with physical simulation
  • Modeled soft-body plants and wind, rain, and fire effects
  • Runner-up for UTCS Best Undergraduate Honors Thesis Award 2012
Undergraduate Reading and Research
November 2009 - November 2012

Designed and built a 2D physics engine in C++ with OpenGL and SDL, featuring:

  • Convex-polygon-based collision detection for rigid bodies and particles
  • Impulse-based rigid body physics with stacking and friction; verlet-based soft-body physics
Programming languages: proficient: C#, Objective-C, C++ familiar: Java, PHP, Python
Other tech: proficient: Git, Photoshop familiar: HTML/CSS
Speaks Mandarin and Shanghainese; once survived for a week in Japan. Plays piano competently; produces recognizable tunes on the guitar and ocarina. Able to deadlift three hundred and thirty-three (333) pounds.